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Nainital 2021 : First Trip to the mountains post Lockdown

Updated: May 27, 2021

View from our hotel room

Nainital; a quirky little hill station in Uttarakhand just 8-9 hours from the capital city can easily be covered by self drive with tons of eating options en route.

The Judicial capital of Uttarakhand has always had a small place in my heart because it has an unmatchable kind of a vibe since it's set in a valley around the Nainital Lake - an eye-shaped lake, which is located at an altitude of 1,940 m (6,350 ft) from sea level

Lockdown brought by the wave of COVID-19 pandemic had made me way too anxious and frustrated sitting at home just like it did to the entire nation and I had promised myself I'd be driving to a hill station as and when the things get normal. Nainital was obviously the best option because of the good reach and viability and not to mention, it has my favourite place serving the world's best thin crust pizza and hot chocolate with the lake view.

Amazing boating experience

Did you know Nainital was the summer capital of the United Provinces?

Anyway, we set out our road trip at 7 in the morning with 20 packets of Blue Lays, Natkhat, Thums Up and a good playlist (of course, right?). We just wanted to reach Nainital as soon as possible because we were that excited to be at a hill station, you know?

Do you want to know what's the worst part about our trip was? Wearing masks all the time. There! I said it! I hated the fact that at the time when we're supposed to take a breath of fresh air at a mountain top, we were supposed to mask up. I hate what COVID did to the world, but who doesn't? Safety is priority.

Hey, that's me!

But the most enticing thing was the hotel that we've booked and we couldn't wait to check in because it was right on the Mall Road and had THEE best view of the lake, and had the most famous in house kitchen serving the best food. Yes, everything from Italian to North Indian to Chinese was perfect, just perfect!

It goes by the name of LakeSide Inn and trust me on this, order Margarita Pizza and Hot Chocolate with toasted marshmallows. You'll get another reason to extend your stay.

Fun Fact : The hotel allows you to carry your Hookah to your hotel room. And Theka is 2 minutes away. So, in short, you have everything you want, like Literally. Hahaha!

Perfect Hot Chocolate Weather

I don't think we've ever had so much alcohol as we had on this trip. We just used to sit on the balcony with our Old Monk and just keep going at it that we had to go back to the Theka at 9:55pm to get another couple of Old Monk bottles. We did have a ton of ThumsUp stock from our initial packing though.

So, we reached the Mall Road by 3pm approx and checkin was smooth and another reason to stay at LakeSide Inn was that they offer parking right at the hotel so you don't have to wander about searching for one, which trust me is chaotic.

The trip was a 3 day short trip and we intended to relax and chill. So, don't expect anything informative from this Blog. This is all about chilling (Hahaha!)

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